At long last…summer!

GEAhhh, summertime. Doesn’t that word conjure happy childhood memories of catching fireflies in a Mason jar, sleeping in a tent in the backyard, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, and playing hide-and-seek until it was too dark to see? All of us have different recollections, to be sure, but most people love summer because of its inherent potential. Each year we dig out white shoes, ball caps and pedal-pushers (now called capris) in hopes that this summer will be the best one ever. I happen to love hot weather. I try not to complain about high humidity, triple-digit temperatures, and impromptu thunderstorms. Why? Because I live in Ohio where it’s cold and rainy (or snowy!) for most of the year. We can go weeks without seeing that round, yellow orb known as the sun. I know one can have too much of a good thing, and I sympathize with drought stricken, heat scorched areas of the country. But for me, I know exactly how fleeting these long, hot days of summer can be. I intend to put my sunglasses on, slather on the sunblock, and enjoy! Because before we Ohioans know it, it’ll be time to drag out the snow shovel, rock salt, flannel sheets, and thermal socks again. These photos were taken over the weekend, on the longest day of the year in Cleveland.GE

Enjoy summer, and happy reading! MaryGEGE