Savannah–a history-lover’s dream come true

Happy Cyber-Saturday, readers,

Yesterday’s trip to Savannah, GA was worth twice the price of gasoline. I found new favorites (Forsythe Park–how did I miss this treasure before??), visited almost every square designed by Oglethorpe who founded GA, and delighted in old favorites, the RiverWalk and Bonaventure Cemetery. While we were having lunch, this gigantic mega-ship, loaded to the gills with shipping containers, squeezed by on the river bound for the sea. Since I live close to Cleveland Ohio, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel to the Savannah River and our Cuyahoga River. I hope our Cleveland powers-that-be do as nice a job with our flats redevelopment that Savannah has done with their riverfront. What a people-friendly city Savannah is–utilized by locals and tourists alike.! Bravo, Savannah. I apologize for all the destruction wreaked by Ohioan W.T. Sherman during the Civil War. At least this jewel was saved for the world to enjoy for years to come. I hope you enjoy these photos, readers: