My first editorial review!!

I’m so excited. I just got my first editorial review of A Marriage for Meghan from RT BookReviews and it’s 4 STARS! What an honor.

Here’s the review: The second book in the Wayne County series is full or romance, mystery and characters that will worm into the readers hearts and stay there forever. The Amish way of life is a simple life, but at times they struggle with what is the right thing to do and believe. Ellis’ heartfelt stories are inspired by the Amish community near where she lives.  Summary: Meghan Yost is determined to prove to her parents and the school board that she is the right person to teach at the Amish school. When accidents start happening around the area, everyone thinks it has something to do with Meghan herself. The local police bring in FBI Agent Thomas Mast to help and Meghan is drawn to him, but knows nothing can come of it as he is an outsider.

Thanks, Patsy Glans, for the lovely review. and for 4 stars!