A super women’s retreat

Spending time with other women, away from home and chores and responsibilites, is a rare treat. I recently attended the Macedonia Methodist Women’s Retreat in Amish Country with my cousin, Nancy, and her grand-daughter. We stayed at the luxurious Carlisle Inn in Sugar Creek where the food was delicious and and ambience was perfect. But most of all we learned about 3 super charities and the good they are doing in the world: Restore Innocence (rehabilitating human trafficking victims) Nehemiah Mission (local Cleveland charity) and Camphor Mission Station in Liberia, Africa (providing midwife & birthing supplies to reduce infant and new-mother mortality). My eyes were opened to these needs in the world and the super women actively striving to meet the demand. Please google the names if you wish more info. And here’s a photo of my cousin and her grand-daughter.

Have a lovely week, readers. At least for today I refuse to whine. We have it so good in this country compared to the rest of the world. Let us all be grateful.