Maple Sugar Time in Ohio

Good Monday morning, readers,

Without further ado, Cassy Glass, you’re the winner of Cheri Swalwell’s book, A 40-day Habit Between Friends–Because They Need You. This is a great book of devotions for mothers. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment last week.

Last Sunday, I watched them tap trees, gather sap the old fashioned way in oxen pulled wagons, and then make maple syrup at Hale Farm and Village. This is a historical interpretive village near our home that demonstrates the early way to do everything. Since my current book A Plain Man contains a scene in which an Amish man makes maple syrup, the two methods are quite similar, because both use wood-fired evaporators. Did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of syrup? No wonder the price for the real-deal is so expensive. These days your usualĀ pancake syrup is made from sugar cane or sugar beets or something other than maple syrup. But if you want the real deal for your family it’s still available. I bought some made in Geauga County, famous for maple syrup in this area. It’s superb! Ohio is the 3rd leading maple syrup producer in the United States. Vermont is number one. I’ve been to Vermont several times–yes, maple trees are everywhere! (I don’t remember #2, sorry, I took notes as fast as I could…) Hope you enjoy the photos of a very sweet morning. Have a great week, readers. And Happy Easter to you all!