Why authors love librarians

Good Monday morning, readers,

The sun is shining in Ohio. The temps are almost above freezing. All is good, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m often asked why I speak at libraries. After all, people who frequent libraries borrow books, instead of buying them. And writers need to pay their bills same as everyone else, right? Well, not exactly. First of all, I happen to love libraries and hang out there whenever time permits. Secondly, libraries must buy whatever copies they loan out. And finally, if a reader borrows one of my books and falls in love with it, they might actually choose to own my next one.

Author talks at local libraries were something I tried after my first release of Amish fiction. For the first time, I felt connected to readers. I listened to feedback, answered questions about other books in the series, and shared what I’d learned along the road to publication. I’ve made fans-for-life with readers who discovered me at the library. Plus librarians are some of the nicest people on earth. They love to read and love authors who take time to visit their community rooms to meet their patrons.

Since I write about the Amish, I often speak on steps to simplify lives, or ways my life has been changed from interviewing these God-fearing, passionate Christians. Readers also want to hear how I get story ideas and how I research my topics. Most often I’m asked to speak about my personal path of publication. Fledgling and would-be writers often haunt libraries and will appreciate any advice you can give. Over the years, I’ve discovered libraries aren’t just great places to read, research, and hide from the world. The librarians who work inside can often be a writer’s best friend.

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have a lovely winter week, and stay warm!   Mary

Words to live by

Good morning readers,

I just finished reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and have been meditating on this one line in particular. If I might quote Ann…All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends. What profound words. How often do we dwell on limitations, and lack, and our dificiencies, instead of focusing on our strengths and the abundance that God lays on our doorstep every day.  Thank you, Ann, for your wisdom. I hope to remember those words tomorrow, and each day for the rest of my life.

Seems like I just got back from Ridgecrest, and soon I will be off again to research the Old Order Amish of KY in preparation to start Living in Charm. (book 3 of the New Beginnings series.) Wish me luck that I don’t get lost, don’t run out of gas, and find as many helpful people in KY as I did in Maine and in Missouri. Look for Living in Harmony, first in the New Beginnings series in about a month.

Before I forget, the e-book version of The Way to a Man’s Heart will be on will be on promotion from June 29 – July 9. All eBook distributors will be offering the book at $2.99 including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and the Sony Reader. If you haven’t read The Way to a Man’s Heart, now would be a good time. Happy summer my faithful readers. Look for an update to my website very soon.