Three chances to win An Amish Family Reunion this week

Good Monday morning, readers. Yesterday, for those of you who caught it, I was interviewed on Jo Huddleston’s blog. Jo drew two winners of my latest release last night at midnight. Drum  roll please…the two winners of An Amish Family Reunion are Loree Huebner and Cindy Elliott. But if you’re not Loree or Cindy, do not dispair. Go to Lena Nelson Dooley’s blog and scan down to the second interiew (or read the one about Mary Coneally too–she’s an awesome writer!!) Post a comment after my interviw for a chance to win An Amish Family Reunion. And I’ll be interviewed twice more this week! So they’ll be two more chances to win. Stay tuned. I’ll be giving away 50 copies of Reunion during my promotion period.

here’s the link for Lena’s blog:

Have a great week. The sun is out in Ohio–so all’s right with the world.

What a day! And win a free book contest.

Two very hard-working Amish tree-trimmers just finished cutting down 6 huge dead trees in my yard! Three were liable to fall on my house during a future windstorm, while 3 endangered the neighbor’s house. Although I had to shell out a very dear price to bring down these trees, still I’m happy it’s done! At least I’ll sleep easier the next time the winds kick up. Firewood, anyone???

Oh, here’s another chance to win a free copy of A Marriage for Meghan. Just drop by Lena Nelson Dooley’s blog, scrowl down (and hopefully read) my interview and leave a comment afterwards. That’s it, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free signed copy of my latest release! good luck to everyone. here’s the link: