We have a winner of Dog Tags by Heidi Glick

Happy Wednesday, readers,

Sorry for the delay in picking a winner for Heidi’s military romantic suspense. Without further ado, Janet K. Brown, you’re the winner of Dog Tags by Heidi Glick. She will be contacting soon about your copy of Dog Tags.Heidi Glick

DogTags_h11265_680This has been a bizarre weekend, rounding out a bizarre week. On a happy note, I got to spend time with Amish fiction authors Kathleen Fuller and Amanda Flower at the Sparrow bookstore in Middlefield, Ohio. I also got to celebrate our wedding anniversary with good friends at the Outback Steakhouse. (actually, we honed in our friend’s retirement party…) But a great time was had by one and all!

Then Sunday brought Father’s Day, and I was acutely reminded how much I still miss my father. Dad has been gone for sixteen years, yet the pain still hasn’t gone away. Does a child ever get over losing a parent? I don’t know, but for everyone who still has their parents, enjoy them. Life is short.

Happy final week of Spring, readers. Summer is just days away. And I am so ready!