I’m back from my travels at long last

Happy Monday, readers!

The Peabody Hotel

The Peabody Hotel

Those who follow me on Facebook know I’ve been on a month long research trip and overdue family vacation. For those of you not on Facebook, I recently visited the settings I used in What Happened on Beale Street, namely Memphis and the Mississippi delta. Since blues music comes front and center in my March release, I especially enjoyed the Ground Zero Blues Club, owned by actor Morgan Freeman, in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

2015-09-22 14.50.42Then I researched in Natchez, Mississippi and Bay St. Louis, along the Gulf Coast. 2015-09-21 14.21.39Both settings are used in my current book in progress, Magnolia Moonlight, book 3 of Secrets of the South Mysteries from Harvest House Publishers. I fell in love with the Gulf of Mexico, especially Ship Island and Bay St. Louis, a small town hard hit by Hurricane Katrina, but almost fully restored. Next we visited the French Quarter of New Orleans, setting for Midnight on the Mississippi, just for fun. Finally we finished up with a week in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, including Balsam and Hendersonville.

Amish Christmas MemoriesWhile I was gone my publisher released a novella collection with Murray Pura and Jerry Eicher called Amish Christmas Memories. It’s available only in electronic versions at CBD, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

As much as I love researching and travel, it’s good to be back. They don’t call it home, sweet home for nothing. I hope you’re enjoying autumn wherever you live. And keep on reading! ~ Mary

A Blessed Good Friday to you all!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Holy Week. We had dinner at our church last night that included communion at each table. It was lovely to break bread with others in this fashion. For Sunday the weather in Ohio is supposed to be lovely! I can’t wait to get to church and see everyone in their Easter finest!! Especially the little girls with their hats and pretty dresses. (Yes, I do listen intently to the sermon and sing loudly during each hymn, (even though I sound like a frog…) but I can’t help it. I love to see people dressed up on Easter Sunday. I remember a time when everyone dressed up every Sunday, but there I go again….showing my age!

I am so excited! The wonderful folks at Harvest House have just sent me the brand new cover of my next book!! It will be first in the New Beginnings series about three sisters who leave Lancaster County, PA to start new lives in smaller Amish communites throughout the US. The first is set in central Maine, where I had the pleasure of visiting and researching during the summer of 2011 and it’s called Living in Harmony.  What do you think? Did the cover designers do a super job of capturing their hope and excitement?

Now, this might not be a good time to go shopping, but Living in Harmony is on sale for $7.49. That’s 46% off the regular price! I don’t think it’ll be cheaper between now and the release date, but if it is, you’ll get the lower price. You could lock in this price at CBD and not be charged until the book ships in July. If you wish to take advantage of this low price here’s the direct link to my page at CBD: http://www.christianbook.com/living-in-harmony-new-beginnings/mary-ellis/9780736938662/pd/938662

Everyone have a lovely Easter. I hope my Texas readers are recovering from those tornados this week! Praise the Lord that there was no loss of life!!! Although the loss of property and mess to clean up simply broke my heart.