We have a winner and A Marriage for Meghan for $1.99

Happy Monday, readers,

I hope spring has sprung where you are. It has certainly come to Ohio. I have plenty of wildflowers2014-04-29 13.38.30 blooming in my woods along with my magnolia trees.

Congrats to Lorraine A. ~ You’re the lucky winner of Laura Hilton’s book, The Postcard. I have contacted Lorraine privately for a mailing address, but thanks to everyone who dropped Laura a comment last week.  I was tickled to see so people still love Amish fiction. Speaking of which, one of my favorite books, A Marriage for Meghan, is still priced at $1.99 at CBD in print. Such a bargain if you happened to have missed that one. A Marriage for MeghanHere’s the link:


Have a great week, readers. ~  Mary

Final days until the drawing

Happy Monday, readers…

We’re down to wire on my first contest to give away 10 signed copies of Living in Harmony to newsletter subscribers. Please sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already done so at: www.maryellis.net  There’s a little box to enter your email address on the right hand side, underneath the book covers.  That’s all there is to it. I will draw 10 names on Wednesday to win free copies.

Also, these are the final days of the sale of 3  of my older titles. If you haven’t read Abigail’s New Hope, A Marriage for Meghan, The Way to a Man’s Heart, or Sarah’s Christmas Miracle, Amazon has them on Kindle for 2.00 or 2.50 . Such a good deal.

Now I must get back to work in my screened porch on A Little Bit of Charm. That book will not get written unless I get busy. Have a lovely week.



Green beans, summer reading and sale prices

Happy Monday morning, readers,

I’m excited to announce that two of my titles, Abigail’s New Hope and A Marriage for Meghan, are available for $2.99 for all types of E-readers, from August 3 – 13 including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and the Sony Reader. If you missed either of these titles, look for these on all participating distributor websites (Amazon, CBD.com, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc.).

I’ve been busy last week canning green beans (19 jars!) with fellow writer Rosanna Huffman. What fun that was…putting up garden produce for winter while talking books, stories-in-the-making and writing. What a fine way to spend a summer day. And since I haven’t shared any photos lately…here’s one of my husband reading his favorite author, (under penalty of death) and my favorite vegetable…green beans!

Also, drop by Shannon Vannatter’s blog either today (Monday) or Wednesday. She recently interviewed me with some truly fun questions. If you leave a comment on Shannon’s blog, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a signed copy of Living in Harmony. Drawing in one week! here’s the link: http://www.shannonvannatter.com/blog

Now go have some summer fun, readers. It will be cool and rainy (or snowy!) before we know it!


Once a schoolteacher…always a schoolteacher

I often get asked where my story ideas come from and how I research my fictional novels. Considering I live a little over an hour from Ohio’s Amish Country, I relish a day or weekend trip down to attend livestock auctions, sample authentic cooking, tour farms and homes, and interview Old Amish friends and acquaintances. But the research for my latest release, A Marriage for Meghan,
was the easiest…and most enjoyable yet. Small one and two-room schoolhouses dot the beautiful countryside in Holmes and Wayne Counties. But I didn’t have to ask anyone what it was like to face a roomful of students as a first-year teacher, feeling wholly unprepared, since I had first-hand knowledge. An Amish teacher might have a gift for communication and patience with children, but her education stopped after the eighth grade. Opening day would be intimidating, considering she’s only a few years older than her students. Although I was twenty-two and had four years of college, I looked out over a sea of faces on my first day and went weak in the knees. Some pupils were sixteen and taller than me, and I’m not a small woman. But I survived my first day and persevered. I eventually became a very good teacher and mentor to beginning teachers throughout my ten-year career. The lesson I hope readers will take away from A Marriage for Meghan is that you must have faith in yourself, besides faith in God, in order to succeed. Set your sights on your dream, work hard, and never give up on yourself. Like my fictional Meghan Yost, you will be surprised by what you can accomplish.

Also, for one more chance to win a copy of A Marriage for Meghan, drop by Margaret Daley’s blog and leave a comment after my interview and book blurb. One winner will be drawn from those comments in one week. Here’s the link:http://www.margaretdaley.com/2011/11/this-week-vickie-mcdonough-mary-ellis-and-janelle-mowery/

Everyone have a lovely, get-ready-for-Thanksgiving week! Blessings…Mary



Plenty going on for fans of Amish fiction!

Happy Monday Morning!

I hope you all slept well, since this will be a busy week! Anybody who will be in central Ohio this weekend (Saturday Nov. 5th) I’ll be signing books at the Buckeye Book Fair, the largest literary fund-raiser in Ohio, from 10-4:00. It’ll be at the Fisher Auditorium, on the OSU Extension Campus, just south of Wooster, Ohio. Please go to www.buckeyebookfair.com for details and directions. I would love to meet fans of Amish fiction and readers in general! I’ll be signing copies of A Marriage for Meghan, book two of the Wayne County series. Profits benefit literacy efforts in Ohio.

Speaking of fans of Amish fiction, if you’re on Facebook please drop by Beth Wiseman’s Facebook party tomorrow to celebrate the release of her latest, The Wonder of Your Love, book two of her Land of Canann series. And here’s the best: if you post a comment, you can win one of Beth’s paintings. check out this link for a peek at her artwork:


Beth is a award-winning writer and talented artist and a dear friend of mine, so please head to her Facebook party tomorrow, Nov. 1st.

And for anyone who’ll love to meet Shelley Shepard Gray, Vannetta Chapman, and Amy Clipson–and who wouldn’t if you’re a fan of Amish fiction–click on this link to meet up with one of these three super writers on the Amish County tour. They’ll soon be stopping to meet readers, sign books, light Christmas trees, and give talks in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Don’t miss your chance to meet three lovely friends at once. Here’s the link: http://zndr.vn/AmishCountryTour). Also, they have a nifty YouTube video about their tour, so take a peek at that too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umSEbGUqkgI

Remember, books make lovely Christmas gifts, and it’s not too early to start thinking about that! Oh, did I mention I finally finished fall cleaning over the weekend?? Now if I can only keep my dog, cat, and hubby out of the house for a while. smile…

Blessings on you and yours! Mary


A new week–a new chance to win a free copy of A Marriage for Meghan

Anybody out there what to hear the “skinny” on the courtship days of Ken and I?? (Friends and family, you need not read too carefully since you’ve probably heard these stories a million times before!) But for others, Shannon’s fabulous blog always peeks into the romantic life of those she interview.  I met Shannon last month in St Louis–she is a dyed-in-the-wool romantic, and an absolutely lovely person in person!! (you would think a writer could phrase that better…)

Drop by her blog this week (http://www.shannonvannatter.com/blog) to read about the early courtship days of myself and my hubby of many years. (Yes, I can still remember that far back!) Please leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for a free, signed copy of my latest book, A Marriage for Meghan.

Everyone have a super duper week. Today was absolutely gorgeous in Ohio. No rain. To all my Texas friends, I sure wish I could pack up all our rainy days and send them to you. many blessings, Mary

What a day! And win a free book contest.

Two very hard-working Amish tree-trimmers just finished cutting down 6 huge dead trees in my yard! Three were liable to fall on my house during a future windstorm, while 3 endangered the neighbor’s house. Although I had to shell out a very dear price to bring down these trees, still I’m happy it’s done! At least I’ll sleep easier the next time the winds kick up. Firewood, anyone???

Oh, here’s another chance to win a free copy of A Marriage for Meghan. Just drop by Lena Nelson Dooley’s blog, scrowl down (and hopefully read) my interview and leave a comment afterwards. That’s it, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free signed copy of my latest release! good luck to everyone. here’s the link: http://lenanelsondooley.blogspot.com/