Jill Kemerer brings us pumpkin patch memories. Win a copy of Unexpected Family

pumpkin patchToday Home Thoughts welcomes guest author Jill Kemerer. Leave a comment at the end of the blog to win a copy of Jill’s new book, Unexpected Family from Love Inspired Publishers. To get us in the mood for fall Jill shares her Pumpkin Patch memories with us today:

I’ve always loved autumn. Growing up in Michigan meant stunning fall color displays, apple orchards, hearty Sunday dinners and enjoying cooler weather before winter arrived. I have plenty of fond memories of fall from my childhood. My dad helped me grow my own pumpkin patch one year. We lived way out in the country. Farm fields spread for miles in front of our house, and a forest grew behind it. Near the woods, there was a large sandy area where ferns and tall grasses grew. Dad told me I could use that spot for my pumpkins. He turned the ground over with his tractor, and when the conditions were right (not too cold or muddy), I planted a ton of pumpkin seeds.

My main jobs were to make sure the patch was watered if we didn’t get rain for a few days and to pull weeds. As summer wore on, I got excited watching the vines slither out and little balls spring up that would become pumpkins. By late September, I had a terrific crop. We picked them all, kept the ones we wanted, and displayed the rest on a picnic table in our yard. At the end of our long driveway, we staked a sign that said Pumpkins For Sale. I sold several and felt pretty good, but the week before October ended, I woke up one day and the picnic table was empty. All my pumpkins were smashed on the road! I’m pretty sensitive, so it hurt seeing all my hard work in pulpy bits on the blacktop. But the memories of raising pumpkins with my dad that summer are precious, so I got over my disappointment. We have many good pumpkin patch memories with our children, too. One year we waited too long to head to a nearby pumpkin farm. When we arrived there were four so-so pumpkins left on acres and acres of land! We ended up taking our two teary-eyed little ones to the grocery store for their pumpkins. Oh well! That’s how it goes sometimes.

Jill-Kemerer-Blue-300dpiDo you have fond memories of pumpkin patches? I’d love to hear them!Unexpected Family Small

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8 thoughts on “Jill Kemerer brings us pumpkin patch memories. Win a copy of Unexpected Family

  1. Joeym11: I love fall, too! Bonfires, cooler weather, carving that pumpkin–and let’s not forget the candy! 🙂

    Angela Chestnut: Thank you!!

    Mary Ellen Ashenfelder: Aww, I’m sure your grandson is a cutie! It’s so sweet to continue the tradition!

    Mary Preston: Oh, yeah! Pumpkins DO take over, big time!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Jill Kemerer

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