We have our 10 newsletter drawing winners!

Happy Wednesday, readers,Lady and the Officer, The

Sorry for the delay in picking the 10 winners from my newsletter contest. I had some glitches with Mail Chimp (that I hope not to have again!) and thus the newsletter was delayed until Monday. So I waited until today to assign numbers and pick names. Without further ado, here are the 10 winners of a signed copy of The Lady and the Officer: PtrcBnd, Jennifer Soukup, D. Stevens, Angel4God, S. Roskos, MBW225, Donna Mynatt, Quilted Dobro, Terry Schupback, and C. Pace. I have sent each of them an email and will send the books as soon as I hear back.

Don’t forget the drawing for Kelly Irvin’s book will be on Monday. Happy reading!  ~ Mary

2 thoughts on “We have our 10 newsletter drawing winners!

  1. Hi Jorie! It was a random drawing for everyone subscribed to my newsletter. I’m tickled pink that your local library carries my books. I hope you continue to read my simple tales of faith and love! best regards, Mary

  2. *waves hallo*

    Ms. Ellis I’ve been quite a bit quiet for awhile, but I love reading your posts through the WP Reader. As much as I’ve been quite eager to wrap myself into your stories as my library is starting to carry them! I simply wanted to say Hallo, and let you know that I’m celebrating your new releases & have appreciated your posts from afar. A special shout-out congratulations to everyone on your NL who won too! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to reply to that OR if it was a random draw for all of us already subscribed. Either way — I simply like keeping in the know about what your writing & sharing with your readers!

    Joy & Blessings!

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