My historical short story available as FREE download

Happy Tuesday, readers, and welcome to April. Today is the release of A Plain Man, my Amish romance from Harvest House, along with the debut of Romance on the River for free. That’s right, free for Kindles or other electronic device downloads. And this is not an April Fool’s joke. Romance on the River is a sweet little short story set in Marietta, Ohio in the early days of the Civil War…a bit of a prequel to The Quaker and the Rebel. If you’re thinking you might like to try my brand of historical fiction without going into debt, you can’t beat free.  Romance on the River

Here’s a summary: Summer 1861—Emily Harrison is finding life a bit overwhelming. Alone on her family’s farm, she must take on the roles of both housekeeper and farmer. She cares for the garden, makes plans for planting the fields, and milks the cows, all the while creating havoc in the home her mother used to keep immaculate. That is in addition to providing a safe house as part of the Underground Railroad. In the midst of this whirlpool of swirling tasks, she is getting ready to greet very important dinner guests—the love of her life and her pastor and his wife. Will Matthew finally propose? What news does Reverend Ames bring that turns Emily’s world upside down? How does the new war between the North and South impact her life? And…will the goose be cooked in time?

Here is the link from Amazon for your free download. Remember, Romance on the River is available for other electronic reading devices as well.

I hope you’ll get your free copy and let me know what you think! Have a super week, readers, and don’t forget my Amish romance A Plain Man is also available today for electronic download from all outlets.  ~ MaryQuaker and the Rebel, The

A Plain Man