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Good Monday morning, readers,

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Lisa Carter to Home Thoughts. Lisa has just released Carolina Reckoning, her debut novel, from Abington Press.  If you answer my question at the end, you can win a free copy of Lisa’s book. First, tell us a little about Carolina Reckoning: CarolinaReckoning_Cover6x9

Alison Monaghan never gets to confront her husband with the proof of his infidelity when his body is found on a lonely backcountry road near antebellum Weathersby Historic Park. Homicide detective Mike Barefoot immediately puts Alison at the top of the suspect list. He’s learned to keep his emotional walls high and he knows better than to get involved with a murder suspect. But despite his best intentions, he finds himself drawn to her and to her two teenage children. Can he fight his feelings for her—and find the killer before Alison becomes the killer’s next victim?

I have met Lisa several times and she’s a lovely woman, inside and out. But for those of you who’ve never had the pleasure, here is her bio:

Lisa Carter is a writer and teacher whose articles have appeared in FamilyFun, Thriving Family, MomSense and Christian Parenting Today. She has taught at the collegiate, high school and middle school levels. As frequent speaker and vocalist at women’s ministry events, Lisa shares her own journey of faith regarding God’s sufficiency for every need. Carolina Reckoning is her debut romantic suspense novel. She and her husband have two daughters and make their home in North Carolina. When she isn’t writing, Lisa enjoys traveling to romantic locales, quilting and researching her next exotic adventure.  LisaCarter_9_2010

I asked Lisa my 3 favorite questions:

What was your inspiration for writing Carolina Reckoning?   Years ago, I worked as a staff docent at an antebellum house. Being an avid fan of mysteries and romantic suspense, I began to wonder what if a murder were to occur in this uniquely Southern setting. Scratch beneath the surface of the polite Southern drawl and hospitable sweet tea, there is a layer of the gothic—Southern Gothic—in our history. Family stories of lost causes, tragic love, and wacky Aunt so and so’s, we’ve all got them. A native North Carolinian, from the mountains to the sea, I am so proud to call this state home. We’re a fun group and filled with real life quirky characters for which the South has a well-deserved reputation. And don’t even get us started on such hotly debated topics like ACC basketball, Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola or Nascar.

What do you hope readers takeaway from Carolina Reckoning?   My parents divorced when I was nine year’s old. When my world fell apart, I wrestled with feelings of anger, abandonment, forgiveness, and faith. I longed to find Someone upon whom I could rely. At the foot of the Cross, I discovered a Father God who is always faithful and true. My ultimate desire is to proclaim the truth of God’s Word, His redeeming love as seen in the life of Jesus Christ and to help readers know for themselves this great, awesome God of all comfort and wisdom. He is enough for every need. Carolina Reckoning is for those who’ve ever felt alone or faced an unknown future. For those who’ve felt abandoned and betrayed by a friend, spouse or family member. It is the story, in a small way, of my life. The story of my own journey toward faith.

What are you working on now?  Aloha Rose, a romance in the Quilts of Love series, releases in November. I just finished the galleys for Beneath a Navajo Moon (releasing March 2014) and I’m awaiting edits for Under a Turquoise Sky (September 2014). Currently, I’m working on another contemporary romance and researching a romantic suspense series.

Here’s a question for you, readers—Have you ever struggled with faith during a time of loss, crisis or death? Have you ever been angry with God? What did you do about it?

Please post your answer here on this blog for a chance to win: Carolina Reckoning. Drawing in one week.

Look for Lisa at www.lisacarterauthor.com;Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lisa.carter.1272; Twitter https://twitter.com/LisaCarter27Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5821807.Lisa_Cox_Carter.

Purchase links: http://www.amazon.com/Carolina-Reckoning-Lisa-Carter/dp/1426757972/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370547975&sr=8-1&keywords=carolina+reckoning+lisa+carter



Have a great week, readers!   Mary




12 thoughts on “Welcome Lisa Carter to Home Thoughts

  1. Your book sounds great, Lisa. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

    As for what I did when I had a crisis of faith and was angry at God as a result, I wrote about it! What else. Both of my books (one nonfiction, one a novel) are about grieving singleness after 40, which includes the previously mentioned anger, the death of the dream to be a mother, loneliness, guilt, regret etc, etc. Writing it all down was a cathartic release for me and I know I’m in a better place today than I was when I started it six years ago.

    • What a lovely testimony, Sharyn! thanks so much for sharing that! although I’ve been married for many years, I too know the disappointment of not being a mother. But by a lovely twist of fate, I’m now an (adopted) grandmother. And I’m lovin’ it. Your book sounds great and I look forward to it.

      • I didn’t know we had that connection, Mary. Thanks for sharing that with me. I imagine you’re a wonderful grandmother. 🙂 God has blessed me with wonderful nieces & nephews & I now live less than 4 miles from 3 of them. Being able to be a part of their lives has really helped fill some of that emptiness. I adore them. We never know how God will meet our needs, but He always does!

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