We have a winner, folks!

Happy Monday afternoon, readers!

Without further ado, we have a winner of last week’s blog contest for Karen Robbins’ latest book. Carol Baker, come on down! (or at least contact me via email!) You’ve won a print copy of Death Among the Deckchairs. This is book 2 of Karen’s Casey Stengel cozy mystery series. Don’t forget…a free download is available of book one, Death Among the Orchids, and a half-off coupon is available for Death Among the Deckchairs. Go see Karen Robbins at: http://karenrobbins.com/author.htm

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling to Ohio’s Amish Country, namely Wayne and Holmes Counties. I saw old friends, got some great recipes, and took lots of pictures. Needless to say…I ate well and brought home Amish baked bakery to last all week. The hay has just been cut and stacked, the corn is almost ready to pick, and laundry was hanging on porches due to intermittent showers. Enjoy a few photos of rural America. When I’m down there…I’m as close to heaven as I will ever be until I die! Happy reading this week!  MaryGE



2 thoughts on “We have a winner, folks!

  1. When I was a kid, there was no such thing as “Amish Country”. You just went to this town or that town. Who invented Amish Country? Just a guess, a well meaning English/Yankee who thought to bring tourists to the area and increase sales for individual Amish woodworkers, crafters, bakers, etc. Or maybe it was just a greedy Englisher.

    I just got back from an overnight with friends from Wilmot to Millersburg OH. In my opinion we “English” are destroying a way of life with upscale houses and hotels. What has become (in my lifetime) a “destination” to see Amish & Mennonite peoples and their slower, simpler way of life is becoming bigger and bigger business. I wonder how much longer they will be able to hold out? How much longer until we smother them and force them out?

    • Thanks, Ellen, for your profound thoughts on a very complex subject. I too am distressed every time I return to the area to see more and more traffic. With every “good” thing, unfortunately comes some very sad consequenes. Many blessings on you and yours.

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