We have a consensus, and another winner

Good Monday Morning, readers,

Thanks to all of you who left me a comment after last week’s post. I had been curious about a Christian’s viewpoint on horseracing, and in particular, gambling on races. I asked the questions: Can a devout Christian be a devotee? (of racing) What about plunking down two dollars on your favorite to win the race?  I loved reading your responses. My next book, A Little Bit of Charm, deals with a young man who breeds and raises a colt to be a winner. His devoutly religious dad takes exception to Jake’s obsession with racing, particularly the expense of training a horse to contender status. His new Amish girlfriend, a lover of horses herself, also disagrees with plenty in Jake’s new lifestyle.

I have always loved horseracing, and once laid a two-dollar bet on Winning Colors to win the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. (She did, by the way, but I only bet on her because she was a filly!) Most of you felt: A little gambling in moderation will not hurt, but anything excessive, or anything at all if you can’t afford it, should be avoided. I watched the Preakness this past Saturday. No money was involved. I loved watching those sleek Thoroughbreds do what they’re bred to do. But alas, they’ll be no Triple Crown winner. Oxbow won it, denying Orb his second jewel.

And finally, Maria Kulscar, your name was drawn as the winner of Love Comes to Paradise, book 2 in the New Beginnings series. Please contact be at maryeellis@yahoo.com so I can send that out to you.  Mary

4 thoughts on “We have a consensus, and another winner

  1. Ms. Ellis,

    Sorry I missed your discussion on horse racing! 😦 As I always enjoy visiting your blog! However, I fell ill a fortnight ago, and last week, I was still recovering from it! Therefore, I’ve been online hit/miss for most of May! Oyy. I do agree and stipulate the same as what became the concensus! Personally, my favourite horse IS the throroughbred, and if I am ever blessed to own a horse, as I’d love to pursue Dressage – I want to adopt a retired racehorse that can segue into a new career! 🙂 🙂 I have been *caught up!* in the Triple Crown since I was a young girl, reading these series: the Saddle Club, the Black Stallion, and Throroughbred! I think that entire world will always hold a special place in my heart! I tend to ride as an exercise rider {for a racehorse} would whilst warming up a mount, because I *love!* being hugged close to the horse, the wind whipping behind me, and simply enjoy the space and time I have with the horse! I miss riding, but one day, it shall re-alight in my life, I have the hope and faith that it will! 🙂 Now, if I ever had true gumpshun, I’d try my bit at ‘endurance racing!’ The film “Virginia’s Run” with Gabriel Bryne clued me in to this enticing sport! It’s a bit like the Triple Crown, as far as the excitement is concerned and the stamina needed for the distance, but run across country!

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