Are Amish novels romances? Win the 3-book Miller Family series.

Good Monday morning, readers.

Lately, I’ve been asked this question several times…and it got me thinking. For regular romance readers, whether contemporary or historical, do you find Amish stories romantic when you read them? Romance readers often have certain expectations regarding the level of “heat,” so to speak. But almost universally, Amish stories are Christian inspirationals, thus the heat level would be zero. Yes, this culture usually produces plenty of babies, but how they come to be remains tastefully behind closed doors. Also, Amish fiction often has either a cozy mystery or a family drama feel to them.

So when someone asked me whether Living in Harmony would be classified as a romance I had to ponder for a moment. I told her “yes,” despite my young couple enduring plenty of problems before their walk down the aisle.

I want to hear your opinion. Many of you read many Amish fiction authors, beside other genres. Do you think Amish stories are romances? I will give away the 3-book Miller Family series (A Widow’s Hope, Never Far from Home and The Way to a Man’s Heart) to one lucky commenter. I’ll give away two sets if there are plenty of comments. So please give me your two-cents. And happy reading everyone!  Mary

94 thoughts on “Are Amish novels romances? Win the 3-book Miller Family series.

  1. Yes, I would say some are romance, but often they are also heavy on the chick lit element of the relationships between women. I know that Living In Harmony had a lot about the women, and I liked that. So, done right, an Amish novel is about relationships, including men and women. What does that make them?

  2. I don’t necessarily pick up a Amish book thinking it is a romance, because one of the main draws for me is faith in God and each other and community. I love the faith they share. The courtships are a extra little bonus for me. I have been enjoying reading Amish fiction now for about 5-6 years and it still hasn’t gotten old. Would love to win these book to add to my ever growing Amish library. Thanks for the opportunity .

  3. I just Love Your Stories because of the Country Life with Its Hardships that Come and Go and being able to stay on Path with God and Real Life…Just Love You…grannyg

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