I’ve been gone, but now I’m back!

Happy Sunday evening, readers,

Does anyone enjoy coming home from vacation? So much mail to go through, so many emails, so much laundry, pick up the dog, restock the fridge, pay the bills, catch up on yard work…the list goes on and on! But what a lovely vacation I had! First we visited family in Texas and enjoyed a wonderful Easter in San Antonio. I loved the RiverWalk and the historic missions. I truly would have enjoyed attending Mass at the Mission of San Juan, even though I’m not Catholic. What a breathtakingly beautiful church/mission.

Next we visited Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana–two of my favorite cities on earth. Although the French Quarter has plenty of things that I don’t appreciate, I still love the architecture, the music and of course, the food. Now plenty of writing and editing awaits, but I had to share some photos of a priceless vacation. I hope everyone has a lovely week as I return to the edits of A Little Bit of Charm, edits of Always in my Heart (novella), writing A Plain Man, and writing A Heart Divided (historical romance set during the Civil War)

Whew, I’ll need another vacation once all these projects are done! Have a super week of spring, readers!   Mary



5 thoughts on “I’ve been gone, but now I’m back!

  1. Mary:

    If anyone deserved a vacation it was you!! I live in between San Antonio and Houston and visit SA for business frequently. It is a lovely historical city and never looses its charm !! Hope you had a carriage ride at night. They truly are magical. Keep writing and we will keep reading !!

    • Thanks, Donna. Since we took a “dinner cruise” on the river at the RiverWalk, we didn’t opt for a carriage ride. Have to watch the finances since we’d be gone 2 weeks. But I’ll keep that in mind for next time. We’ll definitely be back, since our nephew is stationed at Langley Air Force Base for at least 3 more years.

  2. Writing two books at the same time? Doesn’t that get confusing? How often does a character show up in the wrong book?

    • No, it’s not really confusing since one book is Amish and the other is a Civil War romance. But I get confused if I used a particular phrase or word too often since there’re two going on at once.

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