What a week that was!

Good Monday afternoon, readers. Goodness, I’m glad to have that last week behind me. Believe it or not, last Monday I was still exchanging Christmas gifts with an old friend I wasn’t able to see earlier, then I enjoyed my birthday, Ash Wednesday services and finally Valentine’s Day! Each day took me away from computer into the real world! I realized I have been a hermit in my office lately. There is a real world out there. On Valentine’s Day, the dear husband took me out to dinner. The restaurant was packed–so good to see our economy might finally be recovering! Here’s a little memory from a Valentine’s Day long ago. I hope your week will be filled with good friends, good food and of course…good books!

Similar to people who were born on Christmas Day, my birthday is two days before Valentine’s Day. In addition, I used to work for the largest candy manufacturer in the country, with unlimited access to chocolate. So who would ever buy me a heart-shaped box of confections? I realized early in life that this romantic holiday would never generate more than a greeting card, whether from my parents or my sweetheart. Imagine my shock when I walked into the house after a long day at work and found candles lit, supper made and a stack of wrapped gifts in the center of the table. Okay, maybe just a stack of two….but I was thrilled. Not just for new pink underwear and peach-scented candles, but for the fact my husband accomplished my least favorite chore of the day—cooking dinner. I am here to testify take-out rotisserie chicken, bagged salad, and Stove-Top stuffing has never tasted so good. That Valentine’s Day, I fell asleep knowing I was still cherished by my college sweetheart. Ever since that day, a greeting card now works magic for me…even if he uses the same card year after year.