Ahhh winter, so beautiful–from inside the house.

Happy Monday morning, readers,the beach in winter

Yesterday I drove to my local park–a place I frequent nine months out of the year to write my stories, hike around the lake, swim, people watch, feed the ducks and geese, or buy an ice cream cone. Yes, there’s plenty to do there in warm weather. Yesterday I never got out of my car. Take a look at our gorgeous beach. The dam at one end of the lake creates a beautiful waterful with swimming area below. Okay, it’s more like a smimming “hole” than a beach on the French Rivera, but it’s still nice. Not so much for this freeze-baby.

The only thing to do is go home and curl up with a good book…or go back to work on mine. For those of you who enjoy winter sports–I wish you plenty of fresh powder, hard frozen ice, and sharp toboggan blades. As for me, call me when temps rise above 40 degrees.

Before I forget, Elizabeth Dent–you’re our winner of Callie by Sharon Srock. Please contact me at maryeellis@yahoo.com so we can send that out to you.  And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter at http://www.maryellis.net

I will be giving away 10 copies of Love Comes to Paradise to newsletter subscribers on March 15th.

Happy reading, readers, and have a great week.

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