Monday mornings and a fresh slate

Good morning, readers. Here in Ohio as well as in most places within my blog reach it’s Monday!

I used to hate Mondays when I was a schoolteacher (and various other jobs) but not so anymore. I love them. Why? Because I have a fresh new opportunity to get things done. 5 days, tons of hours, thousands of minutes to cross off items on my to-do list! Writers never have one book that they’re working on. There is the one they’re actually writing, plus the one they’re researching, plus one being edited and of course, the one recently released that you’re supossed to publicize. Is it hard to keep all of them straight in your head? You bet it is. It’s like juggling six balls in the air, and unless you’re a trained circus clown that’s a challenge. But on Mondays everything seems possible. So I’ll settle into my favorite chair and start chapter two of A Plain Man. (the book  I’m writing) A Little Bit of Charm has been turned into my publisher and I’m waiting on suggested changes. I researched my summer project this past weekend. And the one that’s arriving in stores?? I’m in the process of sending out free copies to contest winners. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, do so from my website:  I’m giving away 10 free copies of Love Comes to Paradise on March 15th.  And in the meantime, drop by this writer’s blog for a short interview. If you leave a comment there, Casey will draw a lucky winner in about a week. here’s the link:

In the meantime, enjoy YOUR Monday. Look how many days you have to get your dreams accomplished.   Mary

3 thoughts on “Monday mornings and a fresh slate

  1. Your quite welcome! I tried to watch Criminal Minds once, as well as Bones, but it just didn’t work for me! For the very reasons you said! The only series that I follow that pushes the envelope {due to morgue/forensics} is NCIS, but that was what I was hinting at: there is a family knit together with the main characters, and it just appealed to me more. Actually, if you want humour with your mysteries, try: Castle or the Mentalist! I haven’t been watching longer than six months per series,… and I must confess, they remind me of: Monk and Columbo! 🙂 Oh, I should say, I *loved!* JAG and didn’t realise it had a spin-off which is NCIS! Cheers to finding series in syndication!

  2. Good afternoon, Ms. Ellis! 🙂

    I wanted to thank you for sharing the link for “Enjoying the Writing Craft” as I found an author I hadn’t yet heard of through the blog! 🙂 I also put in my entry for your book! I enjoyed reading your interview, as I do agree with you about choosing what we put in our minds so close to our dreamscapes! I am very cautious overall these days, about how much “stuff” {violent storylines, etc} I want to absorb. I learnt the hard way when I fell into L&O as it was mistaken for LA Law… after 8 years I had to purge my love of it as it was more the characters I liked than the storylines… I mean, ugh. 😦 I still watch murder mysteries, mind you, but if they don’t have a quirky family essemble cast in the atmosphere of the series I just overlook it these days! Give me humour and a little mystery and I’m there! 🙂 When I read I am even more viligant as my imagination is as active as yours! I try to curb even emotionally wrecking stories as that just exhausts me on another level! Its nice to know there are others out there that feel the same way!

    What I really love these days are uplifting inspirational fiction stories {anything from Amish, romance, historical fiction, to Heartsong novellas!}, historical intrique, cozy mysteries, relationship romance, Victorian/Regency, and a good young adult novel that is about coming of age!!

    Thank you for always turning us {your readers} on to new and dynamic writers just like yourself! May you have a blessed weekend!

    • thank YOU, Jorie, for your feedback. It is amazing what visuals we put in our heads right before bed affect our sleep, especially our dreams.
      I don’t like to give myself nightmares anymore so I’ve since stopped watching Criminal Minds. That show is simply too graphic for my taste buds. Have a lovely week, and thanks again for your kind supportive comments.

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