Christmas for those with few of family

Ah, the holidays. Those two words often evoke feelings of anxiety in the hearts of many Americans. So much to do to get ready: Clean the house, then decorate it from top to bottom, inside and out; send out greeting cards, cook an enormous amount of food ahead, so that the roast turkey or glazed ham with all trimmings will look as effortless as the cooking shows on cable television. And what about the shopping, you ask? Yes, what should we buy our mother-in-laws who are so picky, our children’s ballet teacher, the neighbors who are always on diets, the work gift exchange, our best friends, and our not-so-best-friends who are bound to show up bearing wrapped packages? Did anybody mention children and grandchildren? It’s no wonder many Americans greet December with waning enthusiasm as years go by. As Christians, we know in our hearts to keep Christ at the center of the holiday, giving Him the focus. Then hopefully we’ll be able to pick and choose how much activity to partake in without losing the spiritual flavor to the season.

My husband and I represent a very small group who’s almost never heard from…people who have no one to cook culinary creations for at the holidays, who clean their house expecting few guests, and whose gift list is miniscule and growing smaller each year. I usually have far more cards than addresses in my book, and without children or grandchildren, we never find ourselves deep in debt once January rolls around. I know what you’re thinking: Lucky you. But remember, once you’ve finished your list of chores and the blessed Eve and Day finally arrives, you will be surrounded by a bevy of people who love you. My husband and I only have each other… and the Lord.

So those of you with large families living close enough to spend time with, stop focusing on everything you must accomplish. Split up the chores equitably, settle for less-than-gourmet meals, and set dollar limits on gift expenditures. Do whatever necessary to keep the Christmas season from spiraling out of control. Then take time each day to give thanks that you have been blessed with your loving families. Don’t think I’m complaining, because at least my husband and I have each other. Pity those who are alone and don’t know the Lord. I can’t imagine a sadder holiday season that that. Merry Christmas to one and all.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Where is this newborn king of the Jews? We saw His star as it rose, and we have come to worship Him. Matthew 2:2

10 thoughts on “Christmas for those with few of family

  1. Merry Christmas, Mary! May you and your husband have a blessed Christmas. You do have a big family…………a huge family of readers who love your books, and characters and you for all that you give us. In some ways you do have children…………the wonderful characters you create. Blessings to you today and always.

    • THANKS SO MUCH, Donna, for reminding me of my large family of readers! I love you all, and am so grateful to have you! I am truly blessed!

  2. The most important thing to me on Christmas day and Christmas Eve is the birth of Jesus Christ. As I prepare to go to church for candle light service I realize I have looked forward to this all year long !! My children all live in Texas but in different major cities and I feel so blessed to have them here for the church service with us. I have scaled back on decorations and focus on the reason for the season. As I get older I realize some things just do not matter…we have to focus on what is important, family, loved ones and our faith. I pray God blesses those without family and those in need. Blessed Christmas to all and thank you Mary for the gift you give us with your novels that inspire Christian ways !!

    • thanks, Donna, for posting a comment. I’m so glad you’re family is close enough to come home for the church service. (I know indeed what a huge state Texas is!) Readers like yourself are truly a gift and a blessing to me.

  3. My grandparents are long gone, but I still remember Christmas mealtimes with them. The extended family all lived in the same city, so we were expected to join both sets of grandparents for a meal with our cousins. One grandmother always wailed, “You’re not eating. You ate too much at the other house.” At the other house, heavy smokers so fouled the air we went home with roaring headaches. Sometimes quiet celebrations are more rewarding.

    • you’re absolutely right, Terri. sometimes the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Thanks so much for dropping by on Christmas!

  4. It is just my daughter and I. All of my family has gone on to be with the Lord. So this time of year is very lonely for me. But I have my books! Merry CHRISTmas Mary! I love you my friend!

    • And I love you, my friend! I hope the Lord blesses you and your daughter richly in 2013. thanks for posting a comment on Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas..our family is getting smaller all the time.I love the lights so I still decorate but have done a lot of downsizing as to what I do each year..makes me crabby and weary so I simplified this favorite part of Christmas is our candlelight church service this evening..may you and your husband experience Gods richest blessings this Christmas 🙂

    • We went to Christmas Eve candlelight service too, at my cousin’s church. I can’t imagine any other way to spend the holiday. Thanks for posting to my blog.

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