Christmas in the South

Happy Saturday, readers,

I truly love Christmas…every part of it except for maybe the crowds at the mall. But it’s odd to be in the South this time of year, watching them gear up for the blessed season. As a born-and-bred Northerner, it seems so incongruous to see Christmas lights strung up the trunks of palm trees, or attend tree lighting festivals with carolers dressed in shorts! Not that I’m complaining. I certainly am NOT complaining. People who know me well know I can’t stand driving in the snow. I’ve skidded into one too many ditches! The other evening we went to the “white lighting” display in St. Mary’s GA. I’ve never enjoyed a small-town community event so much. As Santa arrived on Main St. with Mrs. Claus (in a horsedrawn carriage,)each block illuminated their lights one after another, for at least a mile. Families pushing strollers, young people, old people–everyone came out to welcome Santa to town. Along the waterfront, choirs singing carols, dancers, elves, everything you could think of made the occasion bright. And temps were in the 50’s! How lovely was that for an Ohioan? Not that I won’t be glad to be home when I get there. I may even enjoy the snow, providing I don’t have to drive far. And after all, what would I do with all those lovely wool sweaters, and scarves and parkas I’ve collected?

Here’s some photos of St. Mary’s GA. The last photo is of me standing in front of a heavy-laden lemon tree. Who even knew they grew on trees??Lemon Tree in Amelia IslandChristmas lighting in St. Mary'sChristmas in St. Mary's2


One thought on “Christmas in the South

  1. Thanks for sharing some Christmas in the South with us, Mary. Sounds lovely, bright, and warm. Love the part where each block lights up as Santa and Mrs. drive by. We miss you in the North. We’ll be waiting for your return in our sweaters and scarfs. Not much snow yet so that’s a plus. 🙂

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