No illiteracy in the Amish community

Good Tuesday morning, readers,

I just read an interesting article in Publishers’ Weekly magazine written by a friend of mine, Suzanne Woods Fisher. Suzanne is personally involved in the Old Order community on a regular basis. She reports that there is virtually no illiteracy in the Amish community, despite the small parochial schools, limited teaching materials and teachers with eighth grade educations. (however, these dedicated women train with veteran teachers and continue their own educations despite the lack of college degrees) Most Amish develop a love of reading which continues to serve them throughout their lives. Without the distraction of video games, TV and the internet, they read non-fiction and fiction alike. A few even pick up Amish romances but most don’t find books about them that intriguing. Suzanne quoted John Hostetler in Amish Society (in part) “On several standardized tests, Amish children performed significantly higher in spelling, word usage, and arithmetic than a sample of pupils in rural public schools.” As Suzanne writes in the article, maybe that will encourage more parents to turn off the TV and read to their kids.


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