We have a winner folks!!

Happy Saturday, readers. Sorry this took so long to pick a winner of Murray’s book, but my to-do list escapes me whenever far from home! Thanks to Jorie for reminding me to pick a winner! We pulled a number out of a hat….and Cheryl Baranski was our winner of The Face of Heaven by Murray Pura. This is one lovely book about the Amish during the American Civil War. Cheryl, if you would contact me at maryeellis@yahoo.com I will see that you get a copy of Murray’s book.

We are completing our second week on the barrier island of Jekyll Island GA. My dear husband is on vacation, but alas I must write here to meet my deadline for book 3 of the New Beginnings series, A Little Bit of Charm. It has been wild here lately. The surf is very high, as is the tide. The naturalist said these are the highest tides in the US. and this is the highest tide time of the year. The difference between high tide and low is a full 9 feet! For someone who lives closes to fresh-water Lake Erie, this is hard to contemplate until you see it for yourself.

I hope you enjoy these photos, and are happily preparing for a blessed Thanksgiving! Have a lovely weekend, readers. and Cheryl, sorry I took so long to honor my promise.