What’s writers do when they get a spare moment….

Good Tuesday afternoon, readers. I hope you’re all curled up with a good book and not working too hard. I’m still getting caught up after being gone this past weekend at the Books by the Banks book fair in the Queen City–Cincinnati, Ohio. What a well run, well attended book-lovers event that was. Thanks to any reader out there who might have stopped by. I got a chance to sit next to author Ann Gabhart who writes great books about the Shakers. Ann is from Kentucky, close to where the largest (former) settlement of Shakers lived called Pleasant Hill. She is a super-nice person besides a great storyteller.

Well, Ann snapped this photo of me when I wasn’t looking…It was a slow few minutes during the late morning and I took advantage of the quiet time to dash off a page or two of my book-in-progress, A Little Bit of Charm. Which by the way, is set in Kentucky! Wow, she’s obsessed, a few of you might be thinking and you would be right. When one has a deadline to meet, a writer lets no opportunity to put keys to keyboard (or in this case, pen to legal tablet) go by. I hope the finished product will be worth all my hard work but hey…as they say, it’s a labor of love. Here’s also a photo of Ann and me. I hope you have a great week. Hubby just finished blowing the leaves off our driveway with the leaf blower–an endless task until mid-November.

best regards, Mary


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