We have a winner of Rebecca’s Rose, folks….

Happy Tuesday, Readers,

Without further ado, we have a winner in the drawing for Rebecca’s Rose by Jennifer Beckstrand. Drum roll please…Mary Ellen Ashenfelder, you are the lucky winner. I’ve met this writer and she is a lovely person, beside a great writer. So Mary Ellen, if you would contact me via email (not on the blog) with your mailing addresses, Jennifer will send a copy of Rebecca’s Rose out to you.

here’s my email address: maryeellis@yahoo.com

Here in Ohio, it’s raining and showing the first signs of fall. Yes, our furnace has already been on because I am a freeze-baby! Today I’m back to work, trying my best to make headway in Book 3 of the New Beginnings series, A Little Bit of Charm. Keep the faith, readers, and always make time in your busy days to read!