Another chance to win a signed copy

Happy Thursday, readers. Goodness, I’m glad yesterday is over! I was sicker-than-a-dog with a summer headcold. But I feel 100% better today. I am such a baby when I’m not feeling well. Anyhoo, I wanted to post the link of a fellow writer’s blog. Trish Perry writes awesome woman’s fiction and inspirational romances. I met her in person two years ago, and she’s as sweet as her photo leads you to believe! Trish interviewed me in conjunction with the release of Living in Harmony. Please drop by and leave a comment on her blog (not here) for a chance to win a signed copy. Happy summer. Today I’m taking my writing outdoors. This weather will be gone before we know it.


2 thoughts on “Another chance to win a signed copy

  1. How I love your books Mary. I’ve ordered some and the Family Reunion will be my next. I am an elderly grandma who was amish in another life. Just kidding but growing up in Iowa in the 40’s. we were so like the amish and I read every thing I can. My son bought me a kindle and it is so much easier to handle than books. God bless you dear and keep writing.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Martha! I know what you mean about “being Amish in another life..” You and me both! I hope you enjoy Reunion! many blessings on you and yours.

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