Winners from two contests–Newsletter and Author Buzz

Happy Tuesday, Readers,

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners from my newsletter contest. We were called out of town for a family emergency. Here are the 10 winners of Living in Harmony. Thanks to everyone who signed up for my newsletter.  Crystal Shipp, Johanna Horton, Lisa Bartlett, Cristine Enos, Barbara Beers, Marcie Dark, Mae Meekins, Jackie Tessnair, Tina Rice, and Rebecca Zurava. If these 10 would email me with their mailing address, I will send out their books ASAP.

And here are the winners from the Author Buzz contest: Chris Mead, Sherie Jacobsen, Karen Haas, Donna Tyler, Linda Frankel, Sandra Furlotte, Geri LaBreck, Heidi Daum, Shilea Willis and Mari Rusk. Again, if these 10  would email me their mailing addresses, I will send out their books.

Thanks for entering. If you haven’t already done so, please “like” my facebook author page where I’ll be announcing more contests to come. Happy waning summer, readers.


2 thoughts on “Winners from two contests–Newsletter and Author Buzz

  1. Mary – I just wanted to say thanks, after all the sucess you’ve had, for still taking the time to stop by and encourage other writers – me with The Diaries of Pontius Pilate. We write very different genre’s – you reach women and I hope to reach men – but with the same goal, honoring the Lord. Thanks again, Max Lewis

    • Don’t mention it, my pleasure. did you hear from Carole of my disatrous attempts at blogspot? 4 times I tried to type in those annoying characters using reading glasses and a magnifying glass. Then they had the nerve to drop my off because “my webpage had expired.” I tried again, and finally met the criteria that I am not a robot. (a robot wouldn’t have had anywhere near so much trouble!) Whoever said getting old is tough wasn’t lyin’! Blessings on you and your writing!

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