Final days until the drawing

Happy Monday, readers…

We’re down to wire on my first contest to give away 10 signed copies of Living in Harmony to newsletter subscribers. Please sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already done so at:  There’s a little box to enter your email address on the right hand side, underneath the book covers.  That’s all there is to it. I will draw 10 names on Wednesday to win free copies.

Also, these are the final days of the sale of 3  of my older titles. If you haven’t read Abigail’s New Hope, A Marriage for Meghan, The Way to a Man’s Heart, or Sarah’s Christmas Miracle, Amazon has them on Kindle for 2.00 or 2.50 . Such a good deal.

Now I must get back to work in my screened porch on A Little Bit of Charm. That book will not get written unless I get busy. Have a lovely week.



2 thoughts on “Final days until the drawing

  1. Hi Mary ! This is Rosemarie Batchelor, Nancy Soos’s sister.I recently finished The Way To A Man’s Heart, and I have to tell you it brought me to tears ! When Leah was in court, so terrified, she looked around and saw all the Amish friends and others who were there to back her up. The most important person, Jonah! The tears just flowed down my cheeks, how beautifully written ! I read your first three books and am enjoying Abigail’s New Hope. You are SO talented and I find it a great honor to say that I actually know you personally–at least when we were kids. The last time I saw you was your dad’s 85 birthday party.Can’t wait to read all of your books ! Sincerely, Rosemarie

    • Rosemarie, I remember you very fondly. We played together as kids and had a great time. You have one lovely sister. She and I get along so well. Thanks for your kind words about my writing! They mean alot to someone who sits behind a computer all day. I’m sorry I won’t see Nancy in SEpt. at Jean’s retirement party, since we’ll be out of town. Some day when you’re in Ohio, let’s have lunch–the 3 of us. Many blessings.

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