Green beans, summer reading and sale prices

Happy Monday morning, readers,

I’m excited to announce that two of my titles, Abigail’s New Hope and A Marriage for Meghan, are available for $2.99 for all types of E-readers, from August 3 – 13 including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and the Sony Reader. If you missed either of these titles, look for these on all participating distributor websites (Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc.).

I’ve been busy last week canning green beans (19 jars!) with fellow writer Rosanna Huffman. What fun that was…putting up garden produce for winter while talking books, stories-in-the-making and writing. What a fine way to spend a summer day. And since I haven’t shared any photos lately…here’s one of my husband reading his favorite author, (under penalty of death) and my favorite vegetable…green beans!

Also, drop by Shannon Vannatter’s blog either today (Monday) or Wednesday. She recently interviewed me with some truly fun questions. If you leave a comment on Shannon’s blog, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a signed copy of Living in Harmony. Drawing in one week! here’s the link:

Now go have some summer fun, readers. It will be cool and rainy (or snowy!) before we know it!


10 thoughts on “Green beans, summer reading and sale prices

  1. I remember my dad and mom canning sour kraut and picles and pickled beats. They never canned green beans, the blanched them and froze them but I love all types of garden foods but like you, green beans win out as my favorite, there’s nothing better than some of them in the middle of winter when you can’t wait obget your hands on fresh ones again! Yours look so yummy.

  2. This brings back wonderful memories of my mom canning several quarts of green beans at one time in a large wash tub over an open fire in our backyard. My dad would tend the fire for her. Mary, I’ve just recently discovered your writing and have enjoyed each book, especially A Widow’s Hope and Never Far From Home. You have a gift!

    • thanks so much for your kind words about my writing! I hope you’ll look for The Way to a Man’s Heart, since it comes after Never Far from Home. I can picture this giant kettle over an open backyard fire! what a great memory you have. thanks for posting!

  3. Those beans so remind me of my mother who always canned summer produce. If she didn’t have enough from her garden, Dad would cart us all off the the farmer’s market and load up the trunk with bushels of beans and tomatoes. I got the job of stringing and snapping all those beans. Thanks for that memory!

    • Catherine, I learned this year from a “pro” that if you pick the beans sooner, you don’t have that string down each bean. I always waited too long to pick in the past. Hope to meet you in person at the ACFW conference in Dallas.

  4. Those beans look delish. Hubby seems to be enjoying the book. I know I sure enjoyed those 4.
    Keep up the good work.
    Linda in Fl

    • Thanks, Linda, for dropping by. Hubby must enjoy the book or he’ll get porridge and weak tea for supper just like a Charles Dickens novel. I loved canning those beans. It had been 20 years since I had canned anything. have a lovely summer.

  5. It does my heart good to see a fellow canner !! I have put up over 300 jars of fresh vegetables from my garden this year!! I asked my husband to please pull the okra up, I need a break. I do it on the weekends and after I come home from work each day !! My friends say where do you find the time adn I say where there is a will there is a way. Of course I must admit it would be much more fun to be doing it with you guys and talking about Amish stuff and new books !! Keep up the good work ladies !!

    • I absolutely love canned pickled okra! I have never gotten enough to can, only freeze. I love how okra thickens up stews and gumbos so nicely. thanks for dropping by…I’m in awe of 300 jars! you’ve got me beat.

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