We have a winner, folks, to last week’s contest

Good Wednesday afternoon, readers!

Sorry I’m a day late picking a winner of An Amish Family Reunion from last week’s contest. I’m sicker that a dog with some kind of “bug”. Actually I’m sicker than my dog ever gets. …but I shouldn’t veer from topic. We have a winner: Mary Peoples! Hooray! You’re the next winner of An Amish Family Reunion. Come on down! Er, wait. You stay there, and I send you an email and then I’ll mail you the book. That’ll be much easier I’m sure.

Don’t lament if you didn’t win. Just go to www.bookfun.org and scan down until you find my contest. There’s still time to enter. I won’t pick 5 winners until Thursday. (tomorrow) So hurry. Until next time, enjoy spring (or summer if you check the temps outside)