Winners from The Book Club Network contest

Good Monday morning, readers,

I have something so say before I announce the five winners of An Amish Family Reunion…..HOW ABOUT THAT OHIO STATE?????  Was that a game, or what???? Sorry, if I offended any Syracuse fans, (and I do love the color orange..) but I am so proud of our Buckeyes! Who knew they would get this far in the play-offs??? (hopefully, the players and coach did!) They played well and did the state of Ohio proud.  Good luck against Kansas on Saturday! (now I’ve gone and offended the Kansas fans…..hehehe, don’t you just love this time of year???) But I soon may face a conundrum…my dear, dear friend Ms. DT lives in KY and got her Masters from U of K…I was all set to root for the Wildcats until OSU got this far. What, oh, what should I do??? A loyal buckeye fan I must remain. (hopefully this will not result in a hairpulling by DT when I come down in June to research the Amish of Ky.)

Now, back to business, here’s the winners of An Amish Family Reunion from the Book Club Network contest last week: Daphne Michelle Webb, Darby Lohrding, Audrey Grant, Megan Scott and Janet Ruth. If you see your name please contact me via email so I can send out your book.

We’re getting down to the final 2 weeks of Lent. Everybody polish up your Easter shoes and get out your bonnet (or big hat!) And don’t forget to enjoy the spring blossoms. Tonight Ohio is expected to suffer heavy frost….that will be the end of my magnolis blooms, but hopefully not my hardy daffs and forsythia. blessings…..

We have a winner, folks, to last week’s contest

Good Wednesday afternoon, readers!

Sorry I’m a day late picking a winner of An Amish Family Reunion from last week’s contest. I’m sicker that a dog with some kind of “bug”. Actually I’m sicker than my dog ever gets. …but I shouldn’t veer from topic. We have a winner: Mary Peoples! Hooray! You’re the next winner of An Amish Family Reunion. Come on down! Er, wait. You stay there, and I send you an email and then I’ll mail you the book. That’ll be much easier I’m sure.

Don’t lament if you didn’t win. Just go to and scan down until you find my contest. There’s still time to enter. I won’t pick 5 winners until Thursday. (tomorrow) So hurry. Until next time, enjoy spring (or summer if you check the temps outside)

Contest at The Book Club Network to win 5 signed copies

Starting today, TBCN (The Book Club Network) is giving away five signed copies of An Amish Family Reunion. The contest runs for 3 days, and to be entered in the drawing, readers must answer the question: What’s the oddest or funniest thing that happened at your last family reunion? Here’s the direct link:
 I can’t wait to read the comments for this discussion. They should be hilarious! Drawing will be Thursday March 22nd.
Remember–to be entered in the drawing, you must post your comment the (not here on my blog…the link  above will take you straight to the page.)
 ALSO, tomorrow evening I am a guest on the radio show Christian Devotions Speak Up with host, Scott McCausey. The special guest will be Twila Paris. The show starts are 6:00 pm EST.
I  am so looking forward to being interviewed on this show, and I’m honored to be alongside Twila Paris!!
When Scott forwards me a direct link to the show, I’ll send it along.
 I hope you all have a lovely week–spring arrives officially in a few days. But in my yard, the magnollias and forsythias and daffodils are already going strong. Many blessings on you all.

A change of plans….

Good Tuesday morning, readers. For those of you who noticed my posting 10 minutes ago…there has been a change of plans. Cynthia’s non-fiction book Triumphs and Struggles doesn’t release until April. So I will run my showcase of her on May 7th and give away a free copy then. Sorry to whet your appetites, because this book truly does sound wonderful. We’ll have to be patient…

Here’s a short piece I wrote for about the single sons of farmers. Anybody who posts a comment after today’s blog will be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of An Amish Family Reunion, which I’m happy to say just made the EPCA and CBA bestseller lists for March. Have a lovely week, readers. The sun is shining is Ohio and temps will hit the 60’s. Spring has sprung, making me one happy camper!
Single Sons of a Farmer  Until I spent time interviewing and studying the lives of farmer, both Amish and English, it hadn’t occurred to me the responsibility of being the only son in the family. Most men who own family businesses hope their sons enjoy the vocation and will one day step into their shoes. But in an agricultural family, the stakes are much higher. Most small farms cannot afford to pay someone to run the operation when Dad wants to retire. If a man has no sons (or sons-in-law or daughters, in the case of Englischers) who wish to farm, he usually must sell the ancestral land. In An Amish Family Reunion I loved exploring this theme with my hero, Eli Riehl. Eli is a natural-born storyteller and wishes to write books for a living—an odd career for someone Plain. But while studying the Amish, I learned they are loyal, trustworthy and honor their duties, no matter what the price to their personal dreams.
Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of An Amish Family Reunion. Good luck to you all!

Here’s the winner from Vannetta’s interview

Good Tuesday morning, readers,

Blessings on any of you who live in areas ravaged by storms and tornados these last few days. My heart goes out to you. Our weather continues to grow ever more frightening, either from one threat or another.

I have drawn a name to win a copy of A Perfect Square by Vannetta Chapman, from last week’s interview. Our winner is Anita Mcllveen. Vannetta will be sending out a copy as soon as she can. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post a comment. I will be interviewing another author on Monday, will another chance to win a free book. And I’ll have plenty more chances to win copies of An Amish Family Reunion too.

Books seem superfluous with all the horrible things going on in the world…but sometimes we must cling to something that gives comfort….either writing or reading stories that honor a Christian lifestyle. Stay safe…and may God bless you all.