Names of winners and three more chances to win

Good Monday morning readers! Without futher ado, here are the names of my five winners of An Amish Family Reunion along with a Starbucks card from my website contest. I also picked two more names for a free copy of the book since I had such an overwhelming response to my contest. Thanks so much to everyone who entered–it really did a lonely writer’s heart good to hear from so many readers.  The winners are Kathy Luque, Crystal Fulcher, Joan Crothers, Maureen Frommelt, Karen Smith, Maxie Anderson and one more who didn’t wish to be named. Those books will be mailed out tomorrow since today is a holiday.

Don’t despair if you didn’t win–three more chances to win a copy of An Amish Family Reunion this week! Drop by these two blogs and post a comment after the interviews. You’ll be entered in the drawing to win a free copy. You must enter at their blogs, not here on mine. here are the links:  and the other is:

Also, we have a winner of a copy of Because of Me by Fay Lamb. Jennifer Ackler, you will be hearing from Fay shortly.

thanks to everyone who entered Fay’s contest, and have a blessed week!


3 thoughts on “Names of winners and three more chances to win

  1. Goodness, Maxie, I went to Margaret’s site and I too was confused! I read it over twice. Apparently, you simply leave a comment on any of the posts this week to be entered. You must leave an email address. and I would indicate which of the books you’d like to enter. You’re right, it was confusing. But Margaret is picking the winner of An Amish Family Reunion on this coming Sunday. but Maxie, read my whole post yestersday–YOU won a copy of Reunion from my drawing last week. I’m putting those books into the mail today. congratulations.

  2. I would love to win some of these books, but when it took me to Margaret Daleys blog, it said we had to put our comments on these authors pages instead of hers. Has me confused. Can you help me Mary understand this for she had 4 guests,
    Maxie Anderson ( mac262@me,com (

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