We have picked the winners…and here’s another chance to win

Good Friday morning, readers. I had such an astounding response to my recent contest, that I have decided to pick 7 winners, instead of 5 like I originally planned. I’m waiting on the winners to get back to me, then I’ll announe the names. The first five will receive my book and a Starbucks card and the other two will receive only¬†a copy of An Amish Family Reunion. (sorry, I only bought five cards…)

If you didn’t get an email from me that you won, don’t worry. They’ll be plenty more chances. I’ve been giving away copies of my latest book on blogs for the past month and will continue to do so until I give away 50 books in all. For today’s chance, go to Trish Perry’s blog and read her post. (She’s a great writer of contemporary fiction, by the way, besides a very nice person!) At the end, post a comment to be entered in the drawing. That’s all there is to it. Have a lovely February day and here’s the link: http://www.trishperry.com/


Many blessings on you!