After Christmas let down?

Happy Tuesday, readers. Are you feeling blue after Christmas? All the delicious meals and time spent with friends and family can leave a void when the holiday is over. I like to look toward the bright and shiny new new year, just around the corner. I might not be big on resolutions, but I am big on fresh starts. And a new year always provides one of those.

I hope you’ll check out my brand new website, designed by the awesome Keiki Hendrix. It should go live on January 1st, if not before. It will have so many neat features that my blog didn’t have. But I still promise to blog faithfully each Monday, (or Tuesday in case of holidays…) Please check out after January 1st. Please tell me what you think along with your email address. I will select five comments at random and send them a free copy of my January release, An Amish Family Reunion. A new year…a new book! I’m so excited!

Oh, for those of you who got new Kindles or Nooks or Sony Readers, or any of the other e-readers, two of my titles are ON SALE for $2.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and If you haven’t read Abigail’s New Hope or Never Far from Home, now’s your chance.

If there’s one thing we need after the holidays…it’s a bargain! Blessings on you all!

Get my books on your e-reader for $2.99

Good Monday morning, folks. I have a great way to pick up two of my titles you might have missed, Never Far from Home and Abigail’s New Hope, for your e-readers for just $2.99. All the formats are included such as Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader and Kobo, and all the distributors are participating such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CBD. This promotion runs from December 22nd until January 3rd so  don’t delay!

Also, drop by FaceBook page TODAY for a chance to win one of many free copies of Sarah’s Christmas Miracle. Sorry for the late notice, but I just found this out recently.

In the meantime, have a super Christmas week, and may the Lord bless you richly this Christmas season.

A simpler Christmas celebration

This is the time of year so many people become buried alive with stuff-to-do, including myself. We need to remember that we cannot do it all. (not if we wish to maintain our sanity…) We need to pick and choose how we prepare for Christmas, making time for the tasks and events we really enjoy. (okay, we might have to clean house even if we don’t enjoy it…) For instance, I like writing out and sending Christmas cards, so I’ll probably finish those today. But I don’t bake and never have. But if making Christmas cookies is joyful for you, then by all means get busy. Let’s just not forget that if we keep it simple, we can spend more time enjoying the holiday. And that’s the whole point, no? By the way, if any of you are members of the ACFW book club, my book is being voted on right now for the possible book-club selection for April. Please vote for An Amish Family Reunion if you’re a book club member by Wednesday 12-14. here’s the link:

And finally, here is a lovely video Christmas card from our writing chapter, Ohio ACFW. It was put together by Michelle Levigne and she did a super job. here’s the link:

I wish everyone the most blessed of Christmases and all good things in 2012!