Anybody in the market for a cookbook?

Happy Thursday,

If anyone’s in the market for a great cookbook, here’s one complied by Nicole O’Dell called Novel Morsels that’s available for just 2.99. It contain recipes from 65 Christian authors, recipes that appeared somewhere in their books. Yours truly is honored to be among the 65 contributors. click on this link for more info and ordering info:

Also, don’t forget to drop by the Vessel Project blog to read 5 things I’ll bet you didn’t know about me. this is a great blog by Keiki Hendrix who features a different author each week. Here’s the link:

And before I forget, get yourself down to Amish Country this Saturday if you’ll be in Ohio and drop by The Gospel Bookstore in  Berlin on Oak Street. Friends of mine Suzanne Woods Fisher, Jerry Eicher and many, many more (30!) will be signing books. Wish I could be with them, but I had a previous committment. Tell them I say “Hi”.

And don’t forget that Amy Clipson, Vannetta Chapman and Shelley Shepard Gray are on their “grand Amish Country Tour”. These 3 are great writers and lovely women so check out this link if you live in Ohio, Indiana or PA. You can buy a signed book which would make a great Christmas gift!

Blessings on you all! Mary