I’m back from Missouri, and we’ve got a winner!

Whew, what a whirlwind. That was one fast-paced nine days. First, the Christian Fiction Writers Conference in St. Louis. Goodness, that was great. So many people to meet and talk to, and so many great workshops to learn from. My head is bulging from all the new info. And then a trip into central Missouri to reasearch the Amish communities around Clark, Missouri. I met super people there, plus bought some very interesting handcrafts. (and homemade Heath barsd–delicious!) I hope to use all this great research on a future book set in the beautiful Show-Me state. By the way, for all you vacationers and those passing through Columbia, Mo, let me recommend where I stayed–the gorgeous Taylor House in downtown Columbia. What a lovely place to stay with delicious food, and the most accomodating innkeeper, Rob, that I have ever met! He said, “treat my home as though it were your own.” And I did, and was happy as a clam. If you spend a night or two, tell Rob and Deb that Mary Ellis sent you! here’s their website:


Now that I’m back to work, I’m happy to announce the next winner of A Marriage for Meghan from Janalyn Voigt’s blog. Novelbooks. drum roll please…..Peggy Bryant of North Carolina, you are the lucky winner of my latest book. I truly hope you like it. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment and entered the drawing. We’ll have several more contests coming up very soon. Stay tuned, and enjoy Autumn. It’s finally here.

2 thoughts on “I’m back from Missouri, and we’ve got a winner!

  1. I would love to come to Iowa. I will put it on my “to visit” list. and I’ll also check into the Amana Colonies. thanks for posting.

  2. Dear Mary Ellis,
    You need to come to the State of Iowa and check out the Amish History and The Amana Colonies History. I don’t believe anyone has written about the Amish from Iowa. BFN

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