We have a winner in the Seekerville blog contest

Mary Connealy just picked a winner of a free copy of A Marriage for Meghan in the Seekerville.blogspot contest! drum roll, please….Jamie Adams of Arkansas, you are the lucky winner. A copy will go into the mail on my way out of town. thanks to everyone who entered, and stayed tuned for more contests.


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8 thoughts on “We have a winner in the Seekerville blog contest

    • Hi Donna, right now the Wayne County series is only a two book series. (Book one was Abigail’s New Hope) But who knows what the future will hold?? My next book to be released will be in Feb of 2012 called An Amish Family Reunion. it will be book 4 of the Miller Family series. We “catch up with” all the main characters of the first 3 three plus give the center stage stage to “little” Phoebe Miller — all grown up and ready for romance. I hope you’ll watch for it! blessings, M.

  1. I just finished the book Abigail’s New Hope this am….what a great book!!! I was so disappointed when I went to the library to get more of your books & they didn’t have any………

  2. How many books will be in the Wayne County Series? We have the first two, we hold them for the complete series before we read them.?

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