What to pack? What to pack!

This week is the annual ACFW conference in St. Louis and I have no idea what to pack! Capris? Jeans? My one and only business suit? I want to look professional and yet be comfortable–alas! there’s the conundrum! I don’t own anything both professional looking and comfortable. This afternoon, I’m off to Target! And if Target can’t save me, then I’ll head for Macy’s.  Now, before I forget, last week was very exciting for me! I was interviewed on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s incredible show Amish Wisdom, AND an article I wrote on “simplfying your life” appeared on Mary Connealy’s fabulous Seekerville (the blogsite for many great writers) If you haven’t found these excellent sites, here’s the link to the live podcast on Amish Wisdom,  www.toginet.com/shows/amishwisdom and here’s the link to Seekerville.  http://seekerville.blogspot.com/ Post a comment at both (after my interview) for chances to win a free copy of A Marriage for Meghan. Everyone have a great week. Next week, no post since I’ll still be gone researching in Missouri.  Many blessings…

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