I’m back from Missouri, and we’ve got a winner!

Whew, what a whirlwind. That was one fast-paced nine days. First, the Christian Fiction Writers Conference in St. Louis. Goodness, that was great. So many people to meet and talk to, and so many great workshops to learn from. My head is bulging from all the new info. And then a trip into central Missouri to reasearch the Amish communities around Clark, Missouri. I met super people there, plus bought some very interesting handcrafts. (and homemade Heath barsd–delicious!) I hope to use all this great research on a future book set in the beautiful Show-Me state. By the way, for all you vacationers and those passing through Columbia, Mo, let me recommend where I stayed–the gorgeous Taylor House in downtown Columbia. What a lovely place to stay with delicious food, and the most accomodating innkeeper, Rob, that I have ever met! He said, “treat my home as though it were your own.” And I did, and was happy as a clam. If you spend a night or two, tell Rob and Deb that Mary Ellis sent you! here’s their website:


Now that I’m back to work, I’m happy to announce the next winner of A Marriage for Meghan from Janalyn Voigt’s blog. Novelbooks. drum roll please…..Peggy Bryant of North Carolina, you are the lucky winner of my latest book. I truly hope you like it. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment and entered the drawing. We’ll have several more contests coming up very soon. Stay tuned, and enjoy Autumn. It’s finally here.

My first editorial review!!

I’m so excited. I just got my first editorial review of A Marriage for Meghan from RT BookReviews and it’s 4 STARS! What an honor.

Here’s the review: The second book in the Wayne County series is full or romance, mystery and characters that will worm into the readers hearts and stay there forever. The Amish way of life is a simple life, but at times they struggle with what is the right thing to do and believe. Ellis’ heartfelt stories are inspired by the Amish community near where she lives.  Summary: Meghan Yost is determined to prove to her parents and the school board that she is the right person to teach at the Amish school. When accidents start happening around the area, everyone thinks it has something to do with Meghan herself. The local police bring in FBI Agent Thomas Mast to help and Meghan is drawn to him, but knows nothing can come of it as he is an outsider.

Thanks, Patsy Glans, for the lovely review. and for 4 stars!

What to pack? What to pack!

This week is the annual ACFW conference in St. Louis and I have no idea what to pack! Capris? Jeans? My one and only business suit? I want to look professional and yet be comfortable–alas! there’s the conundrum! I don’t own anything both professional looking and comfortable. This afternoon, I’m off to Target! And if Target can’t save me, then I’ll head for Macy’s.  Now, before I forget, last week was very exciting for me! I was interviewed on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s incredible show Amish Wisdom, AND an article I wrote on “simplfying your life” appeared on Mary Connealy’s fabulous Seekerville (the blogsite for many great writers) If you haven’t found these excellent sites, here’s the link to the live podcast on Amish Wisdom,  www.toginet.com/shows/amishwisdom and here’s the link to Seekerville.  http://seekerville.blogspot.com/ Post a comment at both (after my interview) for chances to win a free copy of A Marriage for Meghan. Everyone have a great week. Next week, no post since I’ll still be gone researching in Missouri.  Many blessings…

Amish Wisdom podcast show–I’m so excited!

Hello folks, sorry for the late notice. I just found out I will be interviewed tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 15th, on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s fabulous podcast/radio show Amish Wisdom. This is such an honor. Susanne is a super writer and a very nice person. You can listen live from 5:00-5:30 Eastern time or 4:00-4:30 Central time, or anytime you get a chance by clicking on this link:

http://toginet.com/shows/amishwisdom/articles/2375  I hope you’ll tune in and enjoy the show!

Another week, another chance to win a free book!

Happy Tuesday, folks. Yesterday I was still recoving from a get-away weekend with hubby and friends where we walked our legs off at the Sternwheel Festival in Marieta, Ohio. We got to ride on the paddlewheel boat the “Valley Gem” in the big race! And of course, the boat I was on won! Was there any doubt? It was a perfect day on the Ohio River and a great time was had by one and all. A big thanks to Joni who actually won these tickets in a drawing but gave them to hubby and myself so she could hurry home to see her new grandson, Nolan.

For onto the business of the day: Everybody loves a chance to win something, no? Be sure to drop by the blog of fellow writer, Janalyn Voitgt, and post a comment following my interview. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in the drawing for a free copy of A Marriage for Meghan. But please hurry, the drawing is on Thursday. Have a great week, and enjoy these last days of summer. Listen for the birds…they’re starting their fall migration from Canada to the South. I heard them overhead yesterday. here’s the link to enter the contest: http://novelbooks.org/2011/09/12/author-interview-mary-ellis/


Win 4 different books for great summer reading

All right, I know summer is almost history…but according to the calendar we still have 3 more weeks. This week a great writer, K. Dawn Byrd, is interviewing 4 different writers including yours truly. Please drop by her blog to read the interviews with Vannetta Chapman, Margaret Daley, and Martha Rogers. The 4th interview will be mine so don’t stop scrolling down too soon. Post a short comment after each interview for a chance to win a free copy of that author’s newest release. That’s all there is to it. One quick comment gets to a chance to win.

Here’s the link to her blog: http://kdawnbyrd.blogspot.com;

And have a great post holiday week. I was pleased to see so many restaurants and businesses closed yesterday, giving many of my fellow, hard-working Americans an appreciated day off.

Blessings on you and yours, Mary