My Family Reunion

Many families organize and stage family reunions across the country, and I must say, I truly enjoyed mine yesterday. Although I missed seeing my two aunts (who are un-well and in nursing homes) I loved seeing my cousins and their children and grandchildren. Reunions are a great way to catch up on family news without the expense of a wedding or the sorrow of someone passing away. (the two most commons reasons for extended families to get together…)

We had ours in a communtiy park shelter house. There were ball fields and places to swim for those so inclined (mainly the kids), but mostly folks wandered around talking and eating, and then talking and eating some more. No, not everyone in the family was able to come–life sometimes gets in the way, doesn’t it? And we can’t be in two or three places at the same time. But I look forward to seeing them at Christmas or at the next reunion. Life is short. If your family doesn’t hold reunions, why not start one?  Have everyone bring food and beverages so no one has any great expense. And enjoy a summer afternoon with those God chose to be in your “family”, one way or another. Blessings on your upcoming week. Here’s a photo taken at the reunion.

And before I forget…I’m still waiting for Debbie Foster to contact me. You’re the winner of Laura Hilton’s book from last week’s blog. Everyone stay safe this week. My heart and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this past weekend’s hurricane. We haven’t been able to look away from the Weather Channel for 4 days. Too much rain in the East…not enough in the Southwest…things aren’t good anywhere!  blessings.







One thought on “My Family Reunion

  1. well here i am again trying to make in to have a chance to win a book.
    A Marriage for Megan please add me in to have a chance.
    iI am a reader of all amish books. so please keep them coming.
    thank you for this chance Karen

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