Isn’t getting away great in the good old summertime?

Here’s a photo of me (on the right) and my dear friend, Peggy, on the left that was taken last week. Myself and two pals from college took a girls-only getaway weekend. We certainly didn’t do much except sit on the porch of this B&B and talk and talk and talk. What else do women know how to do, I ask you? Catching up on each other’s lives was so much fun. And the summer weather was absolutely lovely. After the winter we Ohioans had, we were long overdue for some sunshine and warm breezes!

Here’s hoping wherever you are you’re at peace and safe (even if the weather isn’t all that great!)

Happy July. Blessings, Mary

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5 thoughts on “Isn’t getting away great in the good old summertime?

  1. I truly enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. You are a multifaceted woman and I can’t wait to read your books!

    • Sandy, I truly enjoyed meeting you too. I’m so glad you found my blog, but think I’ll drop you a line via email so I don’t take up too much blog space. (smile….)

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Lois. I’ve been hearing about “Door County” for a couple years now, and I’ve always been curious where it was. Now I know! Sounds like a wonderful place for a getaway. Blessings, Mary

  3. It really sounds like you had a very well deserved time away, A couple of friends and myself we also went away for just one day up to a place called Door County here in Wisconsin and it was just wonderful, I am so happy that you enjoyed yourself and now you are relaxed and can start writing for us again because I love your books ;~))

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