I’m briefly crawling out from under my rock

Hello loyal followers of my anorexic blog…as many of you know I have been burning the old candle at both ends. And at my age, this is no easy task. My deadline for An Amish Family Reunion is July 1st and that date keeps looming ever closer. I have to tie up every loose end in this book with more characters than a Charlie Chaplin film! Wish me luck…one chapter to go, then a good go-over! BUT….you knew I wouldn’t wake you from this Rip Van Winkle sleep without a serious BUT…my fellow writing colleague has posted an interview of me on her blog. If you are a doll and post a comment, you could win a free copy of my latest book. Yes, that’s right…free. Please click on the link, read the interview and leave a comment. To the lucky one will go a free book. Thanks, and by the way…Casey is a doll!