Weather’s impact on Ohio farmers

The horrible weather across the nation has made the news everyday for several weeks now. Here in Ohio, although thankfully we haven’t experienced any of the devasting tornados that have hit other parts of the country, but the weather is still adversely impacting farmers. Comparing 2011 to last year, there have been only 8 suitable days for fieldwork compared to 26. Only 11% of the corn has been planted (compared to 87% for 2010) only 40% of the oats (compared to 98%), only 4% of the soybeans (compared to 48%), and only 5% of the strawberries have been harvested, (compared to last year’s 21%. (Source: US Dept. of Agriculture Nat’l Statistics Center) The economic impact cannot be overstated. Let’s pray for calmer weather conditions across the land, and for Ohio??? We need the good old missing-in-action sun to shine! Happy holiday weekend, everyone! Mary

3 thoughts on “Weather’s impact on Ohio farmers

  1. So sorry to hear about the weather there, The farmers here in El Paso are having a hard time too. We are going on no rain for 116+ days now and 80 MPH winds, doesn’t make for good farming either. We will keep the farmers across the nation in our prayers and we would love to exchange weather for a while!

  2. thanks, Donna. I have another friend in Texas, too, who keeps me posted of your ongoing drought. My heart goes out to the livestock and wildlife who can’t find enough to drink. Thanks so much for the kind words about Abigail. That book was eye-opening for me to research and write. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Here in Texas we are in a drought. There have been threatening fires to our homes and land. It is amazing how there are floods, tornados and life threatening weather. Some parts of the country have all the rain they need and more and other parts are drying up and plants and livestock are suffering. We must never forget to be thankful for the blessings we receive when we are receiving them !! Every time we receive rain here the first thing I do is say a prayer of thanks.
    This just goes to show that we all need to realize we are not in control and be thankful for what we have !!
    I am thankful for your books, Mary !! I just finished Abigail’s New Hope. I could not put it down. Such an inspiration !!

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