Weather’s impact on Ohio farmers

The horrible weather across the nation has made the news everyday for several weeks now. Here in Ohio, although thankfully we haven’t experienced any of the devasting tornados that have hit other parts of the country, but the weather is still adversely¬†impacting farmers. Comparing 2011 to last year, there have been only 8 suitable days for fieldwork compared to 26. Only 11% of the corn has been planted (compared to 87% for 2010) only 40% of the oats (compared to 98%), only 4% of the soybeans (compared to 48%), and only 5% of the strawberries have been harvested, (compared to last year’s 21%. (Source: US Dept. of Agriculture Nat’l Statistics Center) The economic impact cannot be overstated. Let’s pray for calmer weather conditions across the land, and for Ohio??? We need the good old missing-in-action sun to shine! Happy holiday weekend, everyone! Mary