An ACFW interview–quite an honor!

Good Wednesday morning, folks. This week I am the featured author at the ACWF website (American Christian Fiction Writers). This is quite an honor for me since this is a very well-respected organization. Heidi Main asked some rather bizarre questions, so this interview was great fun to participate in. If you have a chance, please drop by to read the interview and post a comment if you can. Enjoy the weather (those of you lucky enough to live where it isn’t raining cats-and-dogs.

Here’s the link:

5 thoughts on “An ACFW interview–quite an honor!

  1. Mary! So the pitocin was a part of the real story… that would complicate things… I know quite a few judges- my husband was in the Missouri Legislature, is a lawyer, and has fought really hard for the rights of midwives- and he also represents the plaintiffs bar- so we cover the gamut of angles appearing in your book!!
    In fact, my last homebirth could have had (perhaps) a devastating result as CNM’s were outlawed at the time… Praise God for my brilliant and gifted midwife whose skill was far above (I believe) most in the baby delivery profession… In or out of the hospital.

    Thanks for letting me ramble. Great book!!!

  2. Fun interview! I just finished Abigail’s New Hope and reviewed it on my blog. The story felt real- was the judge in the real case as harsh as Judge O’Neil? I loved the characters and story lines- especially the romance! 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for the review. I will drop by your blog later. Regarding the judge in the real-life case, in my opinion he was forced to uphold the law and “do his job,” but I wouldn’t say he showed no mercy. Although popular sentiments at the time were quite supportive of the midwive, there were some who felt the sentence should have been harsher since she injected a “drug.” Thanks so much for your kind words about my story.

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