A moment of prayer after this horrible week

I’d like to take a moment to pray for those affected by the horrible storms this past week. I watched the Weather Channel with tears in my eyes as tornados swept through Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and other places in the South. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes, their livelihoods, and most of all, members of their families in this latest wave of storms. What is going on in our country and the world?? Tornados through the central and southern regions, wildfires raging out of control in Texas, flash-flooding up and down the Mississippi River, not to mention the continued nuclear horrors happening in Japan. We need to all prayer–often and unceasingly as we were instructed. God, please have mercy on our land. Amen.

An ACFW interview–quite an honor!

Good Wednesday morning, folks. This week I am the featured author at the ACWF website (American Christian Fiction Writers). This is quite an honor for me since this is a very well-respected organization. Heidi Main asked some rather bizarre questions, so this interview was great fun to participate in. If you have a chance, please drop by to read the interview and post a comment if you can. Enjoy the weather (those of you lucky enough to live where it isn’t raining cats-and-dogs.

Here’s the link: http://www.acfw.com/featured_author

Happy Morning Morning–It’s Holy Week!

Good Monday morning, everyone. I hope everyone had a nice Palm Sunday. We went out to brunch after church and thus, I did not have to cook. Always a red-letter day when yours truly can avoid kitchen duties. Everything always tastes better when someone else wields the stirring spoon or the spatula. However, I do love making homemade soup–beef vegetable, chicken noodle, split pea with ham, twelve-bean soup, clam chowder, shrimp gumbo–you name  the soup and I make it. And I’m quite  good at it–my only claim to fame. Now, enough chatter about food. If you’re still with me on this rainy Monday, drop by Roseanna White’s blog today (or soon) for a chance to win a free copy of my latest book, Abigail’s New Hope. Just read over the interview (she’s a fabulous interviewer and a super writer herself…) and post a comment. You will be entered in a drawing to win a free copy. Until then, may blessings rain down on you all this week. Mary

Here’s the link to Roseanna’s blog: www.RoseannaMWhite.blogspot.com

Super interview from a super writer, Roseanna White

Time to drop by another blog for a chance to win a free copy of my book. While you’re reading the interview, check out her other interviews and her books. Roseanne is a very talented writer whom I met last summer in Virginia. She’s as pretty-as-a-picture and as nice as they come. Leave a comment after the interview to be entered in the drawing. And have a very nice weekend. The sun is finally shining in Ohio, and I’m getting out in it. Enough computer for one day!

here’s the link to Roseanna’s blogsite: www.RoseannaMWhite.blogspot.com

This week’s chance to win a free book!

Hello everyone, for this week’s chance to win a free copy of Abigail’s New Hope, please drop my Patty Wysong’s blog and post a comment at the end of my interview. You’ll have to scroll down under Nicole O’Dell’s interview to find mine because it went up on Sunday. By the way, I met Nicole O’Dell last year in Virginia. She is a lovely woman and a great writer, so be sure to read her interview too.

here’s the link for both interviews: http://www.barndoorbookloft.net/