We have two winners!

Congratulations to Dawn Searcy who won a copy of Abigail’s New Hope on the “Book Readers’ Central” blog and to Robyn Roberts who won a free copy on Lena Nelson Dooley’s blog. I promise to announce earlier when contests are running at blogs-around-town! thanks to everyone who dropped by those blogs and posted comments. Happy Sunday, folks! The sun is shining in Ohio and so I’m happy as a clam.

(assuming that clams are happy,that is…)

3 thoughts on “We have two winners!

  1. I am starting abigails hope now I have ready Sarah’s christmas miracle three times it is so Good I hope you will have a new holiday book out also for 2011. You are great.The Amish are great people I love them.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your kind words. I do have An Amish Family Reunion coming out January 1st. It won’t be in time for Christmas, but it’ll be close. thanks for posting.

  2. I just finished reading Sarah’s Christmas Miracle and wanted to thank you for portraying a Catholic priest and the Catholic Church in a positive light. Non Catholic Christian writers either never mention Catholism as valid Christianity, or are negative, often having a character who becomes “truely” Christian by leaving the Catholic faith to join a Protestant or non denominational church. My friends ani have often talked about how discouraging it is for us to read books for their positive content and lack of secular bias and yet have our faith slammed.

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