The winning name and the winner of a free book

Thanks for your patience, friends. I’ve been out of town and incommunicado.  Then when I returned, I had to put my finishing touches on my September release, A Marriage for Meghan. ahhhhh, it feels good to be caught up if only for a short while……


Without further ado, (drum roll please…) the winning name of my hero is….Eli Rhiel….tah dah. thanks to everyone who stopped by and voted. the vote went Eli-13  and Sam-7.

and I drew a name to win a free copy of Abigail’s New Hope when it’s released either late next month or early April. And the winner is Nancy Hoeffer!   Nancy, if you would contact me via email with your mailing address I’ll send you a copy the same day I get my books from my super publisher, Harvest House.  email me at

again, thanks so much for dropping by my blog and voting on a hero!

2 thoughts on “The winning name and the winner of a free book

  1. me, too, Karen. Although I like the name Sam, the further into I got writing this story, the more Eli seems to fit my character. Today I started on Chapter 4. Plus, when I was Phoebe’s age, (my heroine) there was a song out by Three Dog Night.
    (yes, I know you will all realize I am old as the hills by saying that! smile) and it was called “Eli’s Coming.” It was one of my favorites at the time…so now doubt, I’ll be humming it while I write at some point in time.
    take care, Karen. and tell Spring to hurry on up and get here.

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